Oncology 2018 - National Conference on Multidisciplinary Management of Common Cancers
Instructions for Preparation

All abstracts must be printed in proper format to be considered for presentation. The abstract including title, author(s) name and text should be typed within the box printed and should not exceed 250 words.

Heading: Type the title in CAPITAL LETTERS. Immediately after the title, list the authors and their Institutional affiliation.

Do not include academic titles or degrees. Underline the name of presenting author.

Content: The abstract must adequately describe the objectives and results of the study. The title of the abstract should be fully informative of the contents and contain keywords necessary to allow indexing of the abstract. The abstract should be typed as a single paragraph without subheadings but should consist of the following:

a) Introduction that presents the aim of the study;
b) Brief description of materials & methods;
c) Summary of the results, and
d) Conclusions.

Do not include references.


An area of 90cm (height) x 60cm (width) will be available for each poster presentation.

Poster display must indicate title, name of author(s), aim of the study, materials and methods, results and conclusions.

Title of charts, drawings and paragraphs must be readable from a distance of 2 meters. Letter and numbers should be of 12 mm (1/2 inch) size.

Abstract deadline: 10th September 2018

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